I know the commitment you have made to being the best. The sacrifice of living a normal life because of your training discipline.
I know the desire you have to reach the next level. Sitting in the wings of others, waiting your turn.
I know how it feels to be gripped by pressure. Even after you practiced it a thousand times!
I know what it's like to feel as though someone wants you to fail. You can't ever catch a break.

They are the feelings that keep you awake at night and that have your insides screaming for more.
They are the screams that propel you back to the gym every day.
They are the feelings of the most ambitious. The ones destined to succeed.

You think the answer to quieting those feelings is to work even harder.

Double down on the very thing that got you this far in the first place.
The doubters wonder if you will ever make it.
Increase your training load.
The haters don't think you have "it".
Turn 2-a-days into 3-a-days.
The non-believers have already overlooked you.

But what if there is an answer you're missing while your head is covered in sweat?

Your way hasn't been wrong. Hell, it has gotten you this far, right?
And "TRAIN HARDER!" is the most popular message from coaches and supporters. It's the easiest motivational philosophy and has proven short-term results. So it's hard to reject.

But the great ones know a secret they hold close to their chest because it doesn't follow the popular mantras.

It's not that the doubters, haters and non-believers don't believe in you
It's that they don't believe in the secret. Or more so, they don't believe in your capability of harnessing the secret.

I do.

I know the secret. And I know you can harness it to accelerate past the places that get you stuck now.
Best of all, I know how to teach it to you.

The secret is...

...to relax

To breathe.
To flow.
To have fun playing.
And at the same time see everything happen just as you dreamed.

The good ones play with a chip on their shoulder.
The all-time greats dance while they play.

You might be able to will your way through a few more times.
You might see some success fueled by anger and revenge.

But it won't last.

They are temporary motivations.
Eventually you will wear yourself out along with those around you.
And it becomes hard to enjoy the ride.

When you compete with something to prove... 

--You present an inauthentic version of yourself and everyone can tell.
--You try to force things that don't work and create frustration.
--You lose your presence and ability to engage with the current circumstances.

When you become rigid and fake you miss opportunities and stumble in the clutch.

When you learn to relax, all of that hard work pays off when it matters most.

--You learn to give yourself what you need to be at your best.
--You no longer become a victim to distractions.
--You tap into performance superpowers -- the "it" factor.
--You accelerate your improvement faster than 10,000 hours will give you.

I don't have great rhythm on the dance floor. But when it comes to performing on the court or in the field, I can get you feeling stoopid fly!

It's time to relax.
It's time to dance while you play.
And it's time to win like you've always dreamed of.

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