Flow Cycle: Receive with Gratitude (Part 5)

e've been talking about the Flow Cycle, a tool I created to build and maintain momentum for your life.

Growth begins with humility, awareness that we need to grow, that we haven't arrived yet, that we can't do it on our own.
From there we surrender to the present moment and trust our future is in good hands. We "shed the shoulds", giving up where we think we should be for where we are now, loosening our futile grip on the future and how we think it should go to cooperate with how it does go.

ith a humble heart and a present mind we set ourselves up to receive new insight for our lives. We reject the pressure of other's view of our life or tradition's view of our path. We relax with where we are and who we are and we become energized by the uniqueness of our own journey.

Eliminating distractions, we develop a focus for where it is we are to go and what it is we are to do. We are no longer forcing our will onto life but engaging it at a deeper level, at an emotional level, an intuitive level. 

In this space we take a moment to pause and gain clarity, to RECEIVE WITH GRATITUDE.