Flow Cycle: GO! (Part 6)

It's the reason I created the Flow Cycle. For those times when life makes unexpected turns. When things get shaken up. When you have to adjust on the fly. To stay engaged with the moment and bring your uninhibited gifts.

Last Sunday I was driving from Phoenix to Prescott Valley (90 minutes north of the city) to begin training camp with the Northern Arizona Suns, the minor league affiliate for the Phoenix Suns. I was just named Associate Head Coach for the season and our staff had diligently prepared a training plan for the season.

On the drive, news broke that our parent club had made a coaching change. Shortly after, the newly appointed interim head coach called me. He told me to turn around. He told me he was calling me up to the big leagues and I should be ready for a meeting at 8 a.m. Monday and a game that night.

I arrived in Prescott Valley, packed a bag and drove back to Phoenix. 
On Monday I had been promoted to the bench for the Phoenix Suns.

On Sunday I hadn't even started training camp yet. By Wednesday I was five games deep into the regular season and tasked with developing a young NBA roster. By Friday I had embarked on a 10-day road trip. It has been a whirlwind usually reserved for traded players.

How do you keep going when things get turned upside down?
How do you keep your composure in the midst of chaos?
How do you decide what to do next when nothing seems certain?

You start by recognizing it's not about you.
You surrender to the moment and engage the day.
You trust that things will work out like they're supposed to.
You listen, learn and pay attention to receive insight about what you bring to the table.

And then you GO!

You go to work. 
With a humble heart, a present mind and a clear focus, you activate bold faith.
You bring your uninhibited gifts to the moment.

One of my favorite proverbs: The wise man works his land, the fool chases fantasies.
Do YOUR work. Fill YOUR role.
Don't get distracted by comparison.
Do the work you were called to do. The work you have been prepared for.

It's important for us to do the work you were given to do.