Flow Cycle: Surrender (Part 3)

The Flow Cycle contains the secret to creating momentum for your life.
It starts with humility.

The next phase is to surrender.

Give up where you want to be for where you are now.
Let go of where you think you should be.
Be here, now.

Frustration happens when expectations don’t meet reality.
You expected things to go a different way. You expected to be in a different place, to have a different role. You thought you would be farther along.

But you’re not.
So you’re frustrated with where you are.

No one does anything well frustrated.
There is no flow in frustration.

It’s OK for you to be here.
We are about growth so it’s not OK for you to stay here.
But before you can move on from here, you have to accept that you are here.

Surrender to this moment.

You will notice when you’re not surrendering to the present moment by paying attention to the language you are using.
This phase is clouded by “shoulds”.

“I should be doing this.”
“It shouldn’t be like this.”
“I should have done that.”

The shoulds fuel frustration.
And they are filled with shame.
Shame about who you are because you haven’t performed well enough, or haven’t reached a certain level yet, or aren’t accepted within a certain community.
The shoulds refuse to accept what it is.

Strip away the shoulds.
Accept where you are.

Surrender to this moment.