Flow Cycle: Trust (Part 4)

The Flow Cycle contains the secret to building momentum for your life.
It starts with humility because growth begins with humility.
And then we must surrender to the present moment.

When you surrender to the moment, you are giving up what control you thought you had over the future.
Trying to exert control over the future today is wasted, distracted energy.
Because you can’t control the future.

When I am mountain biking I tend to get afraid of what's coming up on the trail. Usually it happens when I'm going downhill fast, heading into a turn. My typical reaction is to grab the handle bars tighter. I try to exert my will over the direction of the bike. But micro-managing the handlebars like this doesn't work. I become rigid and stiff and make sharp movements that ultimately lead me right where I don't want to go.

The correct response is to relax my hands and let my body weight instinctively made the necessary adjustments. Keeping my eyes focused on where I want to go, my brain, my body and the bike follow.

The same is true in life. When we try to grab ahold of what's happening it usually crashes. Instead of over-exerting our willpower, the correct response is to relax; to engage at a deeper level, an emotional level, an intuitive level, and cooperate.

The correct response is to TRUST.

Trust that your future is in good hands.
Trust that you will be taken care of.
Trust that someone has your best interest at heart.

Trust that it may not work out like you planned, but it will work out like it’s planned.
The future is out of your control, but it’s not out of control.

Life has a way of custom-designing your journey to grow you where you are weak and prepare you for what’s coming.
You will be ready for it when it gets here as long as you cooperate with life’s process.

Letting go and giving up isn't always losing.