Your biggest fight every day

Your biggest fight every day…

Is not to outperform the standards.
Is not to prove everyone wrong.
Is not to get ahead or move farther faster.
Is not to get one step closer to your goal.
Is not to even be better than yesterday.

Your biggest fight every day is to show up.

Fully present.
Fully engaged.

Show up.
Get there. Be there. Again. And tomorrow too.
The resiliency to keep coming back.

Fully present.
Remove the distractions that take you out of the moment.
Be here, now.

Fully engaged.
The best thing you can bring to the table is your full, energized self.
Bring your best stuff, your best self.

You’re already ambitious. If you learn how to get out of your own way and ignite your best energy, you’ll accelerate your growth and optimize your performance.

All you have to do is unblock the flow.