Flow Cycle: Humility (Part 2)

They say pride comes before the fall.
But with humility comes honor and wisdom.

Humility is not thinking less of yourself.
It’s thinking of yourself less.

Humility is admitting you don’t know it all.
It’s acknowledging you can’t do this alone.
It’s confessing you messed up.
It’s seeking help and instruction.

Growth begins with humility. And so we start here.
The action step to develop this characteristic is AWARENESS.

It’s where we start the Performance Training Program.
To me, the most important quality of an elite performer is awareness, especially self-awareness.
With a developed self-awareness, then comes others awareness and situational awareness. The more we become aware of in ourselves, the easier it becomes to have empathy for others.

As it relates to FLOW, the most revealing awareness is emotional awareness.
Notice the times you become frustrated or feel stress or anxiety. When does anger flare up?

These are the times you lost flow.
You got distracted.
The pressure became too much for you.
You were derailed from the cycle.

Flow is relaxed intensity.
Not forced, overhyped, willful intensity, but intensity of focus. Fully present, fully engaged. Undistracted presence.
And relaxed internally. Nothing to prove, nothing to hide. No ego. Here to impact, not impress.

We don’t have this when we are frustrated, stressed or angry.

Become aware.
Recognized it.
Admit it.

Come back to humility.