Flow Cycle (Part 1)

It's a tool to evaluate your life. To take stock of where you are at and what the next right step is. Mostly, to help you recognize when you are stuck, what got you stuck and how to get unstuck.

It is the secret to building momentum for your life.
It is the way to turn tense moments into relaxed moments.
Anxiety into joy.
Work into play.

It is the insight to keep going.
To break free from the chains that have you stuck.
To do work you love.
To build community you enjoy.

To set yourself up for what we call FLOW.

You will recognize it as rhythm or positive energy.
Some will say you are “blessed”. Perhaps you will experience good fortune.
You will feel the momentum working in your favor.

To this point, for most of you, this feeling has been happenstance.
You have been at the mercy of life’s random events and other people’s decisions. Sometimes it goes well. Sometimes it doesn’t.
You suck it up and get through the tough times and enjoy the good times while they are here.

But now you can learn to experience every moment as a positive moment – or at least a growth moment (which, for me, makes it a positive one).
You can accept where you are, engage with what’s in front of you, and move the moment to your strengths where you best serve others.

The key is to COOPERATE.

We have a tendency to force our will onto our lives. To over-exert our willpower to make things go the way we think they should go.
Or to completely withdraw. To throw up our hands and disengage.

Your life is custom-designed to grow you in unique ways.
It has a way of exposing your weaknesses.
Your job is to cooperate with life’s process for you.
In doing so, you will become the full person you were designed to be.

But we can’t run away and hide.
We can’t force our way through it.
We must flow.