So, you aren't in uniform when the lights come on.
And you probably aren't on the bench in crunch time.
Your contributions in building a championship team are often overlooked or under-valued.
I get the position you are in.

The only college basketball team I cheer for anymore is my dad's team. It's the only team I feel like I can have a tangible influence on their success (even though it's just a few text messages and suggestions from across the country).
It's hard to feel so far removed from the action.
Especially when things aren't going well.
We are competitive people. We are problem solvers. And we are hell bent on fixing what's wrong.

But you're on another level.
The pressure to win is at an all-time high.
When the losses pile up, the blog posts and chat rooms pile on about your incompetence.

What do they expect you to do? 
You're not playing! You're not coaching!

The temptation is to storm into the locker room and start making suggestions. At least you can say you tried!
Except your innocent suggestions are seen by the team as micromanaging.
When it comes from you, an executive, they hear a mandate.
And your mandates will always feel encroaching.

The more you encroach, the more they will resist.

I've heard of teams creating quarantine spaces in the arena to keep owners and executives out of the locker room.

It doesn't work.

Owners still storm in at halftime when the team is losing.
And executives still stand outside the locker room door to eavesdrop on the postgame speech.
Meetings in the coach’s office after games last hours, especially emotional after losses.

And it doesn't solve problems.
It just creates more tension and more frustration.

When you focus your energy on fixing the surface level problems...

--Your decisions are usually reactionary rather than proactive
--They feel forced and fake
--The internal chatter becomes more toxic than anything externally
--You create more internal drama, even if you do get a few more successes

The noise from the fanatics can hype you into a false panic.
Take a deep breath.
Slow down.

Those fanatics are sounding off from the couch. You have the power to actually build momentum in the right direction.

Real transformation happens when you turn your focus to the root of the problems.

It's not that your team makes terrible decisions. It's that the environment is stifling creative voices.
It's not that your personnel isn't good enough. It's that the culture doesn't accelerate growth and learning.
It's not that you don't have enough resources. It's that the mindset of the team is handcuffed to tradition.

You can't play.
You can't coach.
But you can still win.

And everyone will love you for it.

Ignore the basement dwelling fanatics.
Quiet the temptation to micromanage.
Attack the problem with the wisdom of a sage.

And watch everyone, including you, flourish before your eyes.

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